Our projects are diverse and designed to
recover, protect, anchor, support, integrate
and enhance built environments and
natural habitats.


Wetlands Reserve

Kopupaka Reserve

Kopupaka Reserve wins World Landscape of the Year Award 2016 & The 2017 Hynds Construction awards!

Judges described the project as a successful translation of regional Maori traditions. Inspired by woven baskets for catching eel. Simple yet sophisticated engineering allows the baskets to retain silt and create habitats which will change over time

Customer: Cameron Civil
Location: Wetlands reserve

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Stormwater Retention Ponds 1 & 2

ICB was contracted by InterCivil to construct these retaining ponds in the Pinehill subdivision between Spencer and Greville Road. They are constructed using pre-cast concrete panels which are inserted into steel U Beams.

Customer: Intercivil
Location: Spencer Road, Pinehill



Mike Greer Homes

Allan Block retaining walls in residential development.

Customer: Mike Greer Homes
Location: Hobsonville

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Ramada Development 

ICB was contracted to construct 115 piles for the foundations of the Ramada Apartment Hotel. We also built the retaining wall between the hotel and the neighbouring Cafe, Petrol Station and KFC.

Customer: McKenzie & Parma
Location: Oteha Valley Road & Cornerstone Drive, Albany

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Millwater Precinct 2 and 5

ICB Screen Blocks provide an excellent retaining structure that is more quickly built than the gabion basket walls. We also constructed Allan Block walls in this residential development

Customer: Hick Bros Civil Construction Ltd
Location: Millwater Auckland

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Sunderland Catalina

ICB is constructing Pole walls, Allan Block walls and Block work in this subdivision in West Auckland

Customer: InterCivil
Location: Hobsonville, Auckland

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Grandview Drive - Stanmore Bay

ICB constructed Timber walls, Concrete panel walls and Keystone block walls in this Orewa subdivision

Customer: Bob Hick Earthmoving Ltd
Location: Orewa

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Long Bay

Long Bay Development

ICB have undertaken numerous stages of this 2000 lot subdivision and constructed all the Steel Beam and Allan Block Walls. The walls are highly visible and form part of residential lots.

Customer: Hick Bros Civil Construction
Location: Long Bay, Auckland

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Jack Hawken Lane

Gideon Contractors contracted ICB to construct UB Walls, timber pole walls and Allan Block walls. The UB walls go up to 4.5 m, the timber pole walls up to 2.5 m and the Allan Block walls up to 4 m.

Customer: Gideon Contractors
Loc ation: Silverdale, Auckland

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Flat Bush

Ormiston Road

HEB Contractors subcontracted ICB to construct the retaining walls in this Flat Bush subdivision in South Auckland. We built 3 timber pole walls (600 and 900 diameter), palisade walls and 2520 m of piles.

Customer: HEB
Location: Flat Bush, Auckland

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Penihana Residential Subdivision

The Penihana North subdivision is a medium density residential development on a 22.5 hectare block of land near the Swanson Railway Station. A combination of precast panels and steel beam walls with timber pole lagging was used in this project.

Customer: The Neil Group Ltd
Location: Swanson, West Auckland

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Flat Bush

Convoy Park

UB wall with concrete deadmen.

Customer: Twomey Construction
Location: Flat Bush, Auckland

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Carrington Noise Wall 

The Waterview Connection project worth $1.4b is one of the most important infrastructure developments ever to take place in New Zealand. ICB was contracted by the Well-Connected Alliance to construct a number of architectural noise walls.

Customer: Well-Connected Alliance
Location: Waterview Connection



Stone Walls

Since completing the 1100m of stone walls on the Pauanui Waterways the ICB stonemasons have been in continual demand constructing stone retaining walls throughout the Auckland Area both for coastal protection and giving an aesthetic look.

Customer: Private Residences
Location: Beachlands

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