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Temporary & Emergency Walls

Massblocks Arran point.jpg

Image: Massblocks at Arran Point


Fast to build

Easy to dismantle

Safe, strong and reusable construction components

Our temporary and emergency retaining walls meet a wide range of needs including providing protection at:

  • Wash Outs
  • Slips
  • Temporary walls for below-ground construction
  • Sites with temporary structures

Quick response, public safety and keeping disruption to a minimum are always our top prioritites. We are committed to respond to your job within 24 hours - or even sooner when an emergency arises.

Modular Design and build for rapid response

Our modular precast concrete panels or concrete blocks - manufactured specifically by ICB provide fast, flexible, cost-effective retaining wall solutions.

These reusable components are installed rapidly on site to suit your rspecific requirements - and our experienced teams are skilled at completing temporary and emergency retaining walls for councils quickly, safely and efficiently